Wednesday, May 26, 2010

worth a thousand words.

So much for blogging, I have failed horribly at keeping up with this. Partially because I am far too busy with the myriad of things I have chosen to fill my every day life with. Partially because I have never found myself to be a strong writer. I gave it a shot and I have decided its time to move on.

But - I still want to make this blog thing work somehow so I have a great new idea. It's one of those, "uh DUH, why didn't I think of that before!" ideas. Seriously. I may be busy but I always find time to take photos.

Whenever you see me out and about I probably have a camera in my hand and another wrapped around my neck. I am also considering purchasing a DSLR camera. It is about time, seeing that I have to take detailed photo shots for jadewink and I am designated videographer/photographer of into the storm. My little Sony H10 isn't exactly cutting it anymore.

To top it off, I always love photo blogs the best! Pictures say so much more about me and what I am thinking than my words can ever express. So why not do a photo blog myself! Here are some photo blogs I love...simple and AWESOME.

hipster puppies

julia beth

andrea harner

(look at her old posts, she hasn't posted recently due to baby twins!)

I would love some more photo inspiration, what are some of your favorite photo blogs?